About Rebel Firestarters

Why Rebels, why Firestarters and who we are!

I believe in every Entrepreneur lives a Rebel soul looking to change the world we live in!

Let’s go Start Those Fires Together!

Who’s Behind Rebel Firestarters?

Hey, I’m Sofia GarcĂȘs

I’m the Systems Expert behind Rebel Firestarters.

I started Rebel Firestarters to help other entrepreneurs build businesses that work! As an Entrepreneur, I know just how much time we can spend running around doing all the little things while the big important work gets left in the backburner.

There’s only one of you but with the right systems in place, you can create the illusion of having a whole team of minions working for you!

I’m a lover of books, travel and Harry Potter! 😍

15 Days to a Stellar Customer Experience!

15 Tweaks that you can implement to level up your customer experience and wow your Client every step of the way.

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