Creating content can be hard! I know it, you know it, WE ALL KNOW IT!

For a very long time, I would delay creating content, it felt like too big of a mountain to climb and so I’d just keep delaying it. I’ll do it tomorrow, next week, next month. And then never get around to it.

But recently something clicked for me.

This one question helped me start creating content and continue doing it consistently. And I totally have to give credit to Caroline and Jason Zook at Wandering Aimfully who thought me a whole system on how to create content consistently and this is where this ONE Question comes from.

No matter what content you’re looking to create there’s one thing that you should always ask yourself:

Is this helpful?

Whether you’re sharing behind the scenes, a blog post or inspiring quote ask yourself: Is this helpful?

This simple reframe will support you in creating great content EVERY SINGLE TIME! I can tell you it’s definitely helped me create more content consistently and show up for you every week with helpful content.

So today what is something helpful you could share with your clients today?