If you run an online business chances are that you have spent hours looking through Stock Photography sites to find the RIGHT image for your new blog post. So how do you find on brand photography for your business?

I won’t lie finding stock images that are on brand and available for your needs can be hard. But there are a couple of ways I’ve found to help me find the right photos for my posts.

Finding on brand photography for your business is a two-part approach. You need to know how to search for the image you need and how to make any image fit your branding.

How to effectively search stock photography sites:

Stock photography sites can be a never-ending rabbit hole here are some strategies I’ve found useful to search more effectively and spend less time looking for images:

Focus on 2 or 3 sites that YOU love:

There are a million stock photo libraries out there but you don’t need to search all of them. Focus on the ones that have more images that match your style. Most of my images come from Unsplash. Some other sites I recommend are:

  • Kaboompics – They have some great sets if you’re looking for more desk / detailed images.
  • RawPixel – They have a more varied selection and often will have images you can’t find anywhere else.


Use Better Search Words:

The Images you find will be highly dependant on what words you use when searching. We all instinctively search using what we want the image to include (such as a phone, laptop, woman) but this might not always be the best way to search.

If you want your image to have a specific look and feel you’ll want to start by searching using a keyword related to the look and feel that you’re looking to achieve (like moody, earthy, dark, blue, etc.), you’ll be able to easily scan images to find the phone or laptop you need while having a better chance to find the right mood for your photo.


But what if you can’t find an image that fits your branding?

Sometimes no matter how hard you look the perfect image just won’t exist. That’s where photo editing comes into play. If you can’t find an image that fits your style then create one!

Start with a photo that has the elements you need and then use photo editing software to change the image to fit your branding. There are a few ways you can do this.

If you’re not a technical person you can use a tool like Lightroom or even Google Photos, find a filter that makes images look the way you want them and apply it to all your images. If on the other hand you and photoshop are good friends you can play around with colour overlays to give your images the right tint.


What are some of your favourite places to find the right photography for your brand?