Automation can save you time and headaches.

When done right automation can be a powerful tool to help you grow your business by giving you back the time you need to focus on the work that will support your business growth rather than just maintaining it.

When done right automation can do a lot more than saving you time, it can help you create a more consistent and on brand experience for your audience and your clients, which will translate into happier clients and better conversion rates for your business.

Get started with automation and save time and headaches in your business!

I’m often asked: Where should I start automating?

There are a few questions that you can start asking yourself that will help you figure out what are some good places to start looking for opportunities to automate or outsource work:

  • What is something that you do repeatedly in your business?
  • What is a task that always feels like a struggle?
  • What’s something that you do every week or month that is taking way too long?

These three questions are my personal favourite and I ask them of each of my new clients. They’re great ways to figure out where to start but often times there is one area that no matter what kind of service you offer, would benefit from some automation: client onboarding.

Get started with automation and save time and headaches in your business!

Why you should be automating your client onboarding?

Every business deals with client onboarding. And although each client is in its own way special many of the steps you take from the moment a lead reaches out to the point they become a paying client is both repeatable and predictable.

This makes client onboarding the perfect place to start automating your business!

You might think that automating your onboarding will have a negative impact on your business. After all don’t people want that personal touch that only you can bring?

Yes, of course, they do! But you can still offer a unique experience while making the process as streamlined as it can be. And eliminating waiting time between the moment a lead reaches out and the time you get back to them will dramatically increase your conversion.

Imagine this:

  1. A potential client reaches out to work with you.
  2. They start by filling out a questionnaire you have on your site that asks the important questions that will help you down the line.
  3. Once they fill out the questionnaire they get an email with a thank you note and a link to book a call with you.
  4. After you’ve done the call you send them a Proposal with 3 different ways you can work together.
  5. They select their package and are immediately directed to your contract and their first invoice.

Sounds like magic right? But it’s not! You can do this in your business and your clients will love you for it!

Want to learn how you can automate your client onboarding? Let’s chat!

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