I love to read! And my guess is that if you’re here you do too.

But in our busy and often rushed lives it can be hard to find the time to finish one let alone two books in a month.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for two years now and up until last month, I hadn’t finished one single book since starting my business. I just didn’t have the time. But I’ve made the time. Out of pure frustration, I created a plan that would allow me to read at least two books every month.


So how do I fit reading into my busy schedule?

The short version is I do it first thing in the morning. Before I start my day I read.

First thing in the morning I make a hot cup of tea and sit on the couch to read at least one full chapter of whatever I’m reading at the time. Usually, this includes one business book and one novel at any given time.


Step by step here’s how I select my readings for the month and then actually read them:

Step 1: Selecting the Books

Every month I set out to read a novel and a business book. I can’t really read two novels at the same time as the characters and stories tend to get jumbled in my head, but I can easily read a business book as I read a great novel.


Step 2: Make the time

Finding the time to read is easier than you might think, as I mentioned above I do it first thing in the morning. Before the tasks and priorities for the day take over, sit for a few minutes and read. I make it a point not to get up until I’ve completed a full chapter.


Step 3: Get the accountability you need

Reading can feel lonely and it’s easy to give up when nobody’s watching, so join a community of fellow readers! Goodreads is a great place to find other readers with your same interests and share the books you love.

Another way to find accountability is by joining a book club, read the same book with other people and share what you’ve learned. Rebel Firestarters has a book club where we read one new business book every month, you can join here.


What books have been on your to read list for forever? Which book will you start to read today?

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