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So you can spend less time worrying about how all your business systems fit together and more time serving your clients.

Spark the Rebel in You

Expert Guidance | $197


Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the things?

Does it feel like your business “systems” are barely hanging on?

Let’s bring some sanity back into your business. I’ll look at your system and show you how to make it work.

What’s Included:

Pre-call Assessment

60 Min Session

Step-by-step Custom Implementation Manual

2 Weeks Inbox Access

Your Rebel CRM, Client Relationships That Work

Done for You | $247

Are all these CRM’s driving you crazy?

Are you tired of trying to make your business fit into someone else’s system?

Your business’ relationship with your clients is vital! Let’s create a system that you and your clients can love!


What’s Included:

Pre-call Assessment

60 Min Session

Set-up of your complete Client Relationship System

Import of your current clients into the new system

2 Weeks Inbox Access

Firestarter Launch Pack, Launch with Ease

Done for You | $947

Your launching your new course, program, next big amazing thing! … but now what?

Not sure how all the pieces fit together?

I’ll work with you to set up all the moving pieces of your launch so that you can focus on what you do best: serving your clients!

What’s Included:

Pre-call Assessment

60 Min Session

Set-up of your complete Launch Sequence
(including landing pages, pixels, ads & email sequences)

2 Weeks Inbox Access

A Rebel in Your Pocket

Done for You | $447

Your business is growing and you need someone in your corner.

Someone to make sure all your systems are running smoothly, your clients are happy and nothing is breaking by the seams.

I’ve got you covered!

What’s Included:

Monthly System Check-up

60 Min Monthly Planning Meeting

Me in Your Pocket for all your system needs!

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