Spark the Rebel in You

Bring some sanity back into your business!

You’ve been growing your business, slowly, but surely and you’re finally starting to see steady progress. You love the work you’re doing and the clients you’re serving. If only you could STOP spending hours, upon hours, doing all the other stuff!

You know what “stuff” I’m referring too. It’s all the administrative tasks of writing out another proposal, making sure you’ve emailed all your clients the info they need to get started and that you followed up on your leads. It’s taking care of your marketing and remembering again what are all the steps you should do every time you publish a new blog post.


You know something needs to change! You need a strategy to help you get everything done so you can get back to what you love to do!


If only someone could tell you what that is! And most of all where to start!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the number of tools, tricks and best practices out there. And even when you find a tool you love the question remains: how do I use it for my business? And should I start by setting up my client intake systems, or my opt-in sequence?


You just want to know what’s the right system to build for your business right now, and how to do it! Don’t worry girl, I’ve got you!


You need someone that will go over your business with a fine tooth comb, tell you exactly what systems you create right now! And most importantly what your next step is!

That’s exactly what I’ll do for You!


With Spark the Rebel In You I’ll help you figure out:

  • What systems are working for your business.
  • Which systems are not working or need to be adjusted.
  • What to focus on right now and the exact steps you next steps you need to take.


The Spark the Rebel In You Package Includes:

  • A Pre-call Assessment of you and your business that will help us get clear on your current challenges and goals.
  • 60 Min Session, where we’ll go over your current business systems in detail and analyse the best place to take action on right now!
  • A Step-by-step Custom Implementation Manual PDF where I’ll detail the exact step by step process of implementing the changes we discussed.
  • Up to two weeks of access to me in your inbox for you to ask any questions as you go out and build those systems.


Your Investment $197


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