Your Client Roadmap

Create a Custom Roadmap for your Client Onboarding Process!

You’ve been growing your business, slowly, but surely and you’re finally starting to see steady progress. You love the work you’re doing and the clients you’re serving. But keeping track of all your leads, invoices and follow up emails is a full-time job!

This stuff takes time! You know what “stuff” I’m talking about. It’s all the administrative tasks of writing out another proposal, making sure you’ve emailed all your clients the info they need to get started and that you followed up on your leads. Taking care of your clients takes time and remembering what are all the next steps you should do every time you book a new client can be overwhelming.


You know something needs to change! You need a roadmap to help you go get back on track with your clients!


You need someone that will go over your business with a fine tooth comb help you figure out what your client roadmap looks like!

That’s exactly what I’ll do for You!


With Your Client Roadmap I’ll help you figure out:

What your client process looks like step by step and how you can start to automate it and integrate it into your business so that you can save time and feel in control of your business.


What’s Included:

  • 60 Min Roadmapping Session
  • Step by Step Manual of Your Client Roadmap
  • 2 Weeks Email Support

Your Investment $197


I Sat down with beth to go over her business and help her get clear on the actions she needed to take to move forward.

“I felt listened to and that it was a broad open discussion that still targeted my key questions and goals for improvement.

I’ve gotten more clear on little things to start actioning. I’ve started batching my time more effectively and I feel more motivated and prepared for creating content. Some of the tools suggested are things I’m in the process of trialling and investigating further.”

Beth Barrett

Copywritter & Content Creator

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