We’ve all heard how important a Social Media Strategy is for your business and you’ve probably seen dozens of complicated strategies for your social media. But does social media need to be complicated? NO!

What you really need is a social media strategy that works, that’s easy to follow and doesn’t take away hours from your day.


Here’s my 4 step approach to a simple social media strategy:


Step 1: Don’t try to be everywhere!

We’ve all made this mistake. We create all the accounts and try to be everywhere at once. If you’ve been here for a while you’ve heard me say again and again that you don’t need to be everywhere!

In fact what your business needs is to be somewhere!

Take a moment to look at your current social media accounts: where does your audience hang out? where do you enjoy spending your time?

Pick the two platforms that best match you and your audience and delete everything else.


Step 2: Get the basics right!

Now that you’ve selected the social networks that are worth your effort take some time to set them up right.

Make sure that your username is consistent across the board and matches your business name. Create a profile image to use on both platforms and take some time to craft a great bio.

Your bio should tell people how you help them why you should trust them and how to get in touch. You might also want to include something about yourself and your location if relevant.


Step 3: Plan for daily posting

You want to be posting daily, or almost daily to social media but this doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You don’t need to post multiple times a day. Start with one post per day.

Share something that inspired you, your latest blog post or some behind the scenes on what you’re currently working on. And take advantage of inspiration. Whenever you’re feeling inspired to create multiple posts go ahead and schedule them into the future, this will keep you posting even when you’re not feeling inspired.


Step 4: Plan your engagement

We all want bigger and better engagement on social media but in order to receive it, you need to give it out. So plan it!

Plan to connect and comment on some of your favourite people’s posts every day and reach out to someone that would be a potential client. Create a daily goal of how many comments you want to do and go out and spread the love.

And if something is really awesome and you want everyone to know about it SHARE IT! Include sharing into your routine and let people see that you support them.