Growing your Social Media following can seem, scary, hard and outright impossible but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be!

Social media can be a great tool for your business and when done right it can even be fun! But before we get into that let’s talk about some of the myths you might believe around social media growth and why they’re not true!


4 Social Media Myths you can stop believing:


Myth Nº1: To be Effective on Social Media you need to Spend Hours on it!

I strongly believe that Social Media doesn’t have to be hard or take away hours and hours of your day! Who’s go the time for that anyway?

It’s a total myth that you have to spend 2 hours or more per platform every day to see results. The truth is after a certain point you’re just getting diminished results. It’s just not worth the time! You could be doing more productive things with your time by spending your social media time on the stuff that actually matters.


Myth Nº2: Growing a Following is Hard!

Now there’s some truth to this myth. Growing a following isn’t hard but it does take time.

If you currently have 500 followers on Instagram you can’t expect to reach 10,000 in a month. But the good new is you don’t need too and I’d argue you don’t really want to.

You see you don’t need ALL the followers, what you really need is the RIGHT followers. Real people that are interested in what you have to say and will engage with your content in a real way.


Myth Nº3: You can’t Connect to Real People Anymore on Social Media

You’re a real person, right?

The robots haven’t taken over just yet! And although there are plenty of bots and spam accounts on social media there are all some real people there. And with the right strategy, you can actually reach them.

Tip: It’s all about you showing up as your real self and connecting to other humans too.


Myth Nº4: You Have to be Perfect

Let’s be honest there’s no such thing as perfection! It’s a total myth! And you don’t have to create the perfect feed with the perfect photos to be successful online or in social media.

People are attracted to real humans that they can relate to and connect with. So it’s okay for you do show up without makeup on a live stream! To take a picture of that delicious ice cream that you’ve already taken a bite out of!

Look we are all imperfect humans. It’s okay show up as your imperfect self and just share who you really are!


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