Staying consistent on Social Media can be hard. You’re trying to do ALL the things and they are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done! Don’t get me wrong. Consistency is important. But staying consistent on social media doesn’t have to take over your life.

Staying consistent on social media is all about keeping things simple and finding what is the minimum amount of work that you can do to get the maximum amount of return.


How can you stay consistent on social media?


Keep it Simple!

Social Media doesn’t need to be complicated. And keeping it simple is about both reducing the number of networks you’re present on and also not overthinking what you are posting.

Focus on one or two social media platforms that best fit your style and audience and ignore all the others. This will save you hours on end and make social media more enjoyable since you’ll only be spending time where you want to spend time.

Create a simple posting schedule and post daily. For most social networks posting daily is a good strategy but you don’t need to post a dozen times a day. Share a blog post, or a post from a peer that you found interesting, share something that happened to you today or ask your audience a question. And if you have 10 ideas for what to post today then schedule them out!


Set the bar low and just do that!

There are a million things that you could be doing for your social media and there’s this sense that you need to be doing all of them, the live videos, the engagement with your audience, the stories! It’s just too much! So start small and make it manageable.

Focus on the type of content you love creating. Video is great! But there’s no point in doing it if you hate it, start where you feel comfortable and most importantly start with the kind of content you love creating.

Engage with purpose. It’s easy to spend hours “engaging” with your audience so set yourself specific goals. You’ll reply to 5 comments on your posts, comment on 2 posts from fellow entrepreneurs with similar audiences and if you REALLY like something they shared you’ll share it with your audience.


Don’t hold Yourself to Impossible Standards!

We’ve all done the course that tells you, you need to spend an hour a day on Instagram and another hour on Facebook Groups and do two backflips in a row. It’s madness! And if you’re selling done courses and have nothing else to do all day I’m sure this is a great idea but truthfully no one has the time and we became entrepreneurs so that we could have more freedom not less!

Use the two-thirds one-third rule. However long you spend creating your content or art spend a third of that time creating it. For me, that looks like 2 hours a week creating blog content and 1 hour promoting it. It can and should look completely different for you so don’t give up!

It doesn’t have to be perfect! Often times we let our perfectionism get in the way of actually showing up. Your social media presence doesn’t need to be perfectly polished to have an impact, but it does need to be authentically you! Remember showing up as your self is more important than showing up perfectly!

Finally, remember you can walk away! If you’ve been scrolling aimlessly on Facebook for hours and are calling it marketing it might be time to walk away. You don’t need to spend endless hours on social media. Stick to your goals and when they’re done walk away.